The Dragon's Lullaby

Love epic fantasy? 

The dragons are reawakening.  All the signs indicate as much.  The duration of the spell that forced the beasts into magically prolonged slumber has nearly elapsed.  The fanatical Cult of the Wyrm, secretly worshipping the power of the creatures throughout the dark centuries, has come out of hiding and is murdering those whom it believes have the power to reinstate the spell.  And the now-forgotten caverns where the wyrms were confined so many centuries ago shake with the stirrings of the restless dragons.  A mismatched group of would-be heroes finds itself in the possession of one of the few surviving copies of the spell, the “Dragon’s Lullaby.”           

            Shadowbender is worried.  Lacking sufficient time to transcribe the spell, he is forced to rely on the hope it can be cast in its current song form—and music is a skill he does not possess.  Furthermore, he is responsible for leading this partially neophyte group across a trackless wilderness filled with hidden perils.

            Drake of Allendale is hopeful; he feels they will be able to find the semi-legendary Vale of the Wyrm wherein the spell must be cast despite the fact no one really knows where it is.

            Roland is irked off; the others seem oblivious to the stupidity of setting out to cast the spell when exactly no one in the group actually knows how to cast it.

            Oceana is conciliatory; she knows the prejudices and incompatibility of several members of the group threaten to fragment their fellowship.

            Quint is brave; he isn’t concerned the fanatical Cult of the Wyrm that is dogging their every step will kill them in order to prevent the casting of the spell despite the superior numbers, experience, and possession of home territory advantage this group enjoys—well, he isn’t overly concerned.

            Will this group be able to overcome their own failings long enough to survive to cast the “Dragon’s Lullaby” and save the world from the depredation of the dragons?  Shadowbender does not think so, but they are resolved to do so or (what’s more likely) die in the attempt.

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The Dragon's Lullaby

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