Publication History

Here is a complete list of my publications:

December 2018: A collection of short stories, including magical realism, supernatural, horror, terror, fantasy, humour, etc. Tales From Transylvania

December 2017: Fantasy Narrative collection: Codex Rosmanicus: Twelve Tales of Enchantment ~Compiled by Jaren the Traveller

April 2017: Fantasy Adventure Gaming Module:  A Pipeful of Trouble

2016:  Short Story:  "The Illustrious Society of Tomato Lovers International and my Adventures Therewith by E.G. Rumpuddle, III, Esq."  Opening Piece for Tomato Slices Anthology  Available here:

2015:  RPG Adventure:  “Kurstwahl's Eleven”  Lead Game Designer  Savage Worlds Guild of Shadows Campaign

2015:  RPG Adventure:  “The Initiate's Path”  Game Co-Designer  Savage Worlds Guild of Shadows Campaign

Feb. 2015:  Epic Fantasy Novel:  The Dragon's Lullaby

2014:  Short Story:  "The Place You Can't See" in Voices of Imagination 2 Anthology

2014:  Short Stories:  “Hunter and Prey” and “The Seventh Wolf”  Dragon Throne World  Exdea, Ltd.

2014:  Contributor  CryptWorld THINGS Monster Compilation  Goblinoid Games, Inc.

2014:  RPG Adventure:  “The Viper’s Nest”  Lead Game Designer  Savage Worlds Guild of Shadows Campaign

June 2013:  “3 Reasons You Need to Visit DuPont State Forest in Western North Carolina”  Yahoo! Voices

July 2008  Poems:  “A New Queen” and “A Song for the Seasons”  The Houston Literary Review

April 2008  Poem:  “A Hero’s Verse”  The Houston Literary Review

Spring 2007  Poem:  “Deal Another Hand” Chiaroscuro

23 Mar 2007  Poem:  “Embrace the Light (An Ode to Spring)" V9 I14 “The Mountain Voice”

September 2006  Short Story:  “Johnson’s Escape” Debut Issue Backroads Magazine

Spring 2006  Poem:  “By the Creekside” Chiaroscuro

9 Nov 2005  Poem:  “Blue Ridge Memories” V8 I6 “The Mountain Voice”

31 Aug 2005  Poem:  “A Tolkien Fantasy” V8 I1 “The Mountain Voice”

27 July 2005  Poem:  “A Poem for Shirley Ann” V7 I23 “The Mountain Voice”

2005  Poem:  “Moonlight Driving”  Ridge Writer Magazine

2004  Poems:  “Helen Was Worth Dying For?”, “The Funeral Ballad”, “Written on Grassy Road Trail”, and “By the Fireside”  Ridge Writer Magazine

1999-2000  Various poems and articles  “The Mountain Voice” and “Primetimes!”

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