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Tales From Transylvania

Codex Rosmanicus: Twelve Tales of Enchantment ~Compiled by Jaren the traveler~

Codex Rosmanicus:  Twelve Tales of Enchantment ~Compiled by Jaren the Traveller~


            The literature of the past fascinates the modern reader.  Part of this fascination is the paradox of the time and distance that creates a sense of the alien while remaining relevant in the present.  Such literature is both ancient and modern.  Some of the most interesting examples of such work can be found in the codices, such as the Exeter Book, that are frequently compilations of anonymous older texts.  Codex Rosmanicus (“The Book of Rosman”), as the title implies, is modelled after such works.


The codex is a collection of writings compiled by the fictitious narrator/compiler Jaren the Traveller, a retired bard.  The corpus consists of twelve bardic tales.   The lines between fiction and reality are nebulous as the book contains personages/settings from the real world as well as those that are fictitious/fantastical.  No attempt has been made to separate the two, and the result is a work that could be real but isn't.


In keeping with the feel of an ancient compiled work, the codex contains a mixture of literary forms:  poetry, a play (a dramatic tragedy), and short stories.  Thematically, they can be divided into the genres of fantasy, dark fantasy, high fantasy, horror, supernatural, and/or magic realism. 


This book is populated by the bizarre.  A death knight, an Ice Maiden, and a collection of the denizens of faerie lurk within its pages.  The text struggles with light and dark, wrong and right, and the sometimes obscure border between fantasy and reality.

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A Pipeful of Trouble

All is not well in Brierfield.  The idyllic halfling village has fallen prey to unknown bandits and marauders.  These peaceful victims of shattered loves and broken dreams need a band of heroes to save them.  Are you willing to help them in their time of need?

A Pipeful of Trouble is a Classic Edition Adventures module for PCs levels 1-3.  It features a nice mix of social interaction, a dab of wilderness travel, caves, and a traditional dungeon complex.  There are strong role-playing elements, including potential ethical quandaries, though these can be toned down or dispensed with altogether should the group prefer a more martial approach.

Herein are interesting NPCs, difficult opponents, dangerous locales, harrowing situations, and a brand new monster for Labyrinth Lord to challenge PCs and players.

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The Dragon's Lullaby

The elven illusionist, Shadowbender, and his sister, Oceana, and their mismatched allies have the only known copy of the magical spell that can prevent the dragons from awakening out of their millennial slumber.  They must race against time, dogged all the way by the Cult of the Wyrm dedicated to killing them, to find the birthplace of the creatures and use the spell before the dragons throw the world back into chaos.

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