A Pipeful of Trouble

All is not well in Brierfield.  The idyllic halfling village has fallen prey to unknown bandits and marauders.  These peaceful victims of shattered loves and broken dreams need a band of heroes to save them.  Are you willing to help them in their time of need?

A Pipeful of Trouble is a Classic Edition Adventures module for PCs levels 1-3.  It features a nice mix of social interaction, a dab of wilderness travel, caves, and a traditional dungeon complex.  There are strong role-playing elements, including potential ethical quandaries, though these can be toned down or dispensed with altogether should the group prefer a more martial approach.

Herein are interesting NPCs, difficult opponents, dangerous locales, harrowing situations, and a brand new monster for Labyrinth Lord to challenge PCs and players.

This is a 51 page module (two pages as covers) suitable for any old-school style of game.  The new monster is the gremlin, a gloriously chaotic foe that has been reworked.  You've never seen this one before.

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