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Author Bret James Stewart's Monthly Musings, Issue #007 --New Release
November 04, 2015

In this issue, Bret James Stewart grapples with the following:

The Dragon’s Lullaby new cover art

"The Wisdom of Trees IX: Holly" poem

The Caverns of Lalarik adventure module for Dungeoneer Games

Pretty Maids All in a Row

Welcome to the eigth Monthly Musings newsletter wherein I let you know what’s going on in my world and why you should care.
This has been a busy month. I continued on "The Caverns of Lalarik," a modular adventure for Dungeoneer Games, continuing the adventure text. I tried a different way of working on it--making up the entries as I went along, but found this did not work for me. I am going to resume my previous method of lining up the areas with encounters and monsters in advance. This macro-view of the dungeon is also helpful as it allows me to cultivate a more thematically aligned setting.

I finished up the draft of my new poem, "The Wisdom of Trees IX: Holly." I think this is one of the best poems I have written, but, of course, I think that about every poem I write, so that doesn't mean anything. The poem is a take of an old English tradition entitled (among other things) "The Contest of the Holly and the Ivy." It is deep and involves a number of tropes that I won't get into here, but I will say it involves a rather intense "battle of the sexes." This older work is not very well known, but it is worth investing the time to find.

I also received the new cover text for The Dragon's Lullaby. I am not sure when I will actually get this up, but I do think the nice text and layout makes the cover much more attractive. The text itself remains unchanged.

I began a new story that will be the first in a new collection. I don't have a title for the collection, yet, but the story is entitled "Pretty Maids All in a Row." The protagonist is somewhat flippant. I am not willing to give away plot details at this time, especially since they might change, but the story is gritty and has a semi-pulp feel to it. This is not my usual style, but I am enjoying writing it.

Thank you for checking out my newsletter. I’ll have more for you next month. Until then, keep reading and growing.

Sincerely, Bret James Stewart

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