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Author Bret James Stewart's Monthly Musings, Issue #007 --New Release
October 06, 2015

In this issue, Bret James Stewart grapples with the following:

The Dragon’s Lullaby as an Amazon audio book

"The Wisdom of Trees IX: Holly" poem

The Caverns of Lalarik adventure module for Dungeoneer Games

Welcome to the seventh Monthly Musings newsletter wherein I let you know what’s going on in my world and why you should care.
I have back to work. I continued on "The Caverns of Lalarik," a modular adventure for Dungeoneer Games, actually beginning the adventure text.

I worked on a new poem, "The Wisdom of Trees IX: Holly." This is a difficult poem to write as it is layered and somewhat complicated, which slows down the process. This is perfectly fine with me since I am not in a race.

I have also been working on an audio version of The Dragon's Lullaby via Amazon's programme. This is time-consuming, too, but worth it. I only rarely listen to audiobooks, but many people like them, and I think offering the book in this formatte is a good idea. Variety, it is maintained, is a good thing.

Thank you for checking out my newsletter. I’ll have more for you next month. Until then, keep reading and growing.

Sincerely, Bret James Stewart

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