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Author Bret James Stewart's Monthly Musings, Issue #001 --New Release
March 11, 2015

In this issue, Bret James Stewart grapples with the following:


"The Wisdom of Trees VI: Tall Tom and the Laughing Elm"

The Dragon's Lullaby Character Profiles

His Facebook Author Page

Welcome to the second Monthly Musings newsletter wherein I let you know what’s going on in my world and why you should care.
February flew by, even for a short month. Smashwords, the e-book platform and distributor, received the lion’s share of my attention, as far as marketing goes, for The Dragon’s Lullaby. Mark Coker from Smashwords is great, and his helpful videos and books make the process more human than it would be otherwise.
I worked on a poem this month, “The Wisdom of Trees VI: Tall Tom and the Laughing Elm.” It is still in draft form, but I think it is going to be a keeper when fully developed.

I have been steadily adding to The Dragon’s Lullaby blog posts on my Facebook Author Page. I have been posting individual profiles for the heroes of the story, which adds a personal element to the tale. One of my goals with the novel was for every major character to be a living, breathing personality. I hope I have accomplished this.

Scope out my Facebook Page here: Paperback Edition The Dragon' Lullaby Kindle Edition Facebook Author Page

Thank you for checking out my newsletter. I’ll have more for you next month. Until then, keep reading and growing.

Sincerely, Bret James Stewart

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