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Author Bret James Stewart's Monthly Musings, Issue #012 --New Release
April 05, 2016

In this issue, Bret James Stewart grapples with the following:

The Caverns of Lalarik adventure module for Dungeoneer Games

Tomato Slices Anthology Kickstarter

The Mist of Genesis 2:6 Article

The Dragon's Lullaby Audio Book Announcement

Welcome to the twelfth Monthly Musings newsletter wherein I let you know what’s going on in my world and why you should care.
I finally finished the draft of "The Caverns of Lalarik" adventure module for Dungeoneer Games. Now, we need to playtest it and do the final editing. I have no control over how quickly it is playtested, but I have plenty of other things to work on while this is happening.

I completed a mid-length article entitled "The Mist of Genesis 2:6." This article explores the qualities of the mist that watered Eden and addresses the first rainfall upon the earth. I have not released the article yet as I intend to submit to journals, so I hope to have more information about it to post in the future, such as a publication date.

The Dragon's Lullaby will soon have an audio version available. I have negotiated with a professional narrator, and it is in the works. I will also have some improved cover art for the book in all its versions. I will supply more information next month.

The Tomato Slices Anthology Kickstarter is in full swing. It features essays, stories, and recipes featuring tomatoes. Check it out in the link below and support tomato-love.

I also added a Book Review page to my author's website that connects to my Goodreads book reviews. I don't review every book I read, but I do review the majority. There are 80 or so available now in a number of different genres, but predominantly religious and fantasy books. Check it out via the link below.

Tomato Slices Kickstarter Page Bret James Stewart Book Reviews

Thank you for checking out my newsletter. I’ll have more for you next month. Until then, keep reading and growing.

Sincerely, Bret James Stewart

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